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deepset Cloud SDK

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The deepset Cloud SDK is an open source software development kit that provides convenient access and integration with deepset Cloud, a powerful cloud offering for various natural language processing (NLP) tasks. To learn more about deepset Cloud, please have a look at the official Documentation.

Supported Features

The following examples demonstrate how to use the deepset Cloud SDK to interact with deepset Cloud using Python. You can use the deepset Cloud SDK in the command line as well. For more information, see the CLI documentation. - SDK Examples - Upload datasets - CLI Examples - Upload datasets


The deepset Cloud SDK is available on PyPI and you can install it using pip:

pip install deepset-cloud-sdk

After installing the deepset Cloud SDK, you can use it to interact with deepset Cloud. It comes with a command line interface (CLI), that you can use by calling:

deepset-cloud --help

deepset Cloud CLI

Development Installation

To install the deepset Cloud SDK for development, clone the repository and install the package in editable mode:

pip install hatch==1.7.0
hatch build

Instead of calling the cli from the build package, you can call it directly from the source code:

python3 -m deepset_cloud_sdk.cli --help

Interested in deepset Cloud?

If you are interested in exploring deepset Cloud, visit deepset Cloud provides a range of NLP capabilities and services to help you build and deploy powerful natural language processing applications.

Interested in Haystack?

deepset Cloud is powered by Haystack, an open source framework for building end-to-end NLP pipelines. - Project website - GitHub repository